Description of all areas:
(*=no longer active, or it's a local area here)

*amu:       Automated Maintenance Utility
anti-virus: The new anti-virus fdn, for all operating systems. 
*apg:       Apogee games from 3drealms
argus:     Win95/NT GUI FidoNet FTN Mailer with TCP/IP
bbs-scene  Enthral bbs support, doors, mods
bbbs:      FidoNet bbs/mailer/areafix/raid, etc. for all operating systems
beemail:   Beemail FidoNet mailer/utilities from Russia
camelot:   New! bbs online doors (games) from various authors, LordNews and more
*cbm:       Commodore apps/utilities/programming
ch-ware     Cheepware: Freeware and open-source BBS doors, utils.
*chess:     chess games/match info, utilities
*comm:      Communication/terminal programs,etc.
*compress:  Archivers of all types
*cook:      Cooking files, utilities, etc.
*cprog:     Older C/C++ programming files
*craft:     Crafting files
*dgn:       New! Door Game Network: door games from various authors.
*ecf:       EzyComm Communications Program
epub:      Electronic Editions of books in ascii format
fernwood:  OS/2 apps/utilities/programming
*filebone:  Current files distributed by the FidoNet Filebone who are not
           on the FileGate. No longer in service.
*fly-net:   Flight pics/info/utils
*fs:         New! FlightSimulator files
*fsfan:     FlightSimulator scenes, addons, etc.
*fw:        older OS/2 files
*gamesnet:  GamesNet International: Games for all operating systems
*golded:    GoldEd editor
ham:       Amatuer Ham Radio programs/utilities
info:      info files for this site, the IFDC FileGate, net 2320, etc.
ipfn:      Files of interest to those using Internet protocols to move
irex:      Internet REX ftp/e-mail, etc
*lnx-user:  Tips/How-to's from the LINUX-USER message echo.
mail:      Various FidoNet mail utilities, setups, etc.
maxfdn:    Maximus FidoNet BBS system, utilities
maximus_bbs: More Maximus bbs files/utils.
nasa:      Earth and space science material.
nodelist:  FidoNet nodelist
nodediff:  FidoNet nodediff: nodelist difference files
*nov        Novell Netware FDN Updates/patches to Novell software.
pascal-net: Pascal Programming
*pcb:       PCBoard BBS ppe's, utilities, qwk networks, etc.
pdn:       Programmers Distribution Network: sources, utils,
           etc. for all operating systems.
perl:      perl programming/utilities
*pkware:    Original ZIP/UNZIP from PKWARE Inc.
*proboard:  Proboard BBS
r50:       A collection of software from various Russian authors.
rar:       RAR Archiver, FAR text file manager
*rbbs:     RBBS-PC BBS
*rgsn:      Renegade BBS
*shotgun:  Shotgun BBS
*snakebyte: SnakeByte inc.'s Automated Episode Guide for tv shows
*searchlight Searchlight bbs 
*spitfire:  Spitfire BBS files
stn:       SysOps Tech Net: programming, utilities,etc.
syncronet: Syncronet BBS for DOS/OS2 and Win95/NT
sunrise:   SunRise Online doors by Al Lawrence  16-Bit DOS, and 32-Bit
           WINServer Doors
*sv:       John Mudge's SurvivalNet 
*t-mail:    T-Mail FidoNet mailer/utilities
*terminate: Terminate Terminal program
*util:      older utilities, and a couple linux ansi editors
utiln:     UtilNet Utilities for DOS/OS2/Win3.1
vnet:       VADV bbs and utils.
*virnet:    Anti-virus software for all operating systems. 
win_fdn:   The new Windows 95/NT End-user utilities, apps, drivers, etc.
*w32:       Windows 95/NT End-user utilities, apps, drivers, etc.
*wcat:      WildCat BBS 
wc4:       WildCat WCCODE files
*xfiles:    X-Files network files, picks, "strange occurrances"  files

The FileGate Archive is copyright 1994-2017 by
 Janis Kracht, on behalf of the IFDC FileGate Project (service mark).

Please note:  A good number of these files may _not_ be reproduced or
              distributed on CDROM media. 

              If you mirror these files, please let me know so that
              I can publish your site name in the FILEGATE.ZXX info 
              file.  That way, perhaps my system will not be so 
              overloaded :)