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Name             Updated           Description

Freeware binkp mailers for Windows only, source code available.Arcmail attach or Binkley-outbound.
Shareware, complete BBS package with Internet, modem, ISDN/LAN based access modes.  SSL, telnet,  ftp, pop3, http, news, binkp,  FidoNet, mailer, mail processor, tick, allfix, gated echomail, full screen editor,  Mg, multilingual, CD-ROM, VT320, ANSI, voice, multitask,  multiple charsets, accounts, Zmodem, HYDRA, multinode, Kermit, BZLink, FAX, IRC, full featured shareware version. Versions exist for Linux, DOS, Windows, and many more (http://www.bbbs.net). Arc-mail Attach
Beemail no
Freeware BeeMail Mailer for Windows
Freeware BinkD mailer, created by Dima Maloff, with BinkP protocol can be used with  most bbs programs.  Easy setup.  Versions exist for Windos, DOS, Linux.  Source Available. Binkley-Outbound
Freeware mailer, modem, telnet. For DOS, OS/2, Linux.  Source available. Binkley-Outbound
D'bridge yes
Freeware  Mailer for Windows with BinkP
Shareware  and Commercial DOS and OS/2 Mailer, modem, telnet. Arc-Mail attach.
Shareware Internet Rex Mailer: BinkP, FTP mailer and more, for OS/2,  DOS, Windows, Linux
Lora no
Freeware BBS & Mailer
MBSE_bbs no
Freeware BBS & Binkp Mailer Linux only, source code available.
MCmail no
Freeware Mailer for DOS
Taurus no
Freeware BinkP mailer for Windows
Terminate no
Freeware Internet comm terminal with multi task-windows under DOS, OS/2 or Windows
T-Mail no
Freeware DOS  Mailer
WildCat! WinServer
Windows only. Commercial BBS and Mailer system with SSL, web, smtp/pop3,  ftp, telnet, term server and integrated BBS.  Can be integrated with argus type mailers for BinkP. NNTP Server, PPP server, term program, and modem. Works with Argus for Binkp.