Get Connected! Use Internet Protocols to Connect to Other Nodes!   

It's easy to do, and you can use Internet protocols like telnet or
or a POTS line and Modem to Connect!    

Read Policy 4 Our Guideline for Membership.

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Software              Updated                            Description


Software              Updated                              Description


  • TG_SUP
  • n
  • Telegard bbs files

  • Tornado BBS

  • y
  • Tornado BBS

  • VADV
  • y
  • Virtual Advanced

  • WildCAT! v4&5
  • n
  • WildCat! DOS bbs

  • WildCat!Winserver
  • y
  • WildCat! Winserver  pop/ftp/smtp/web servers, ssl. Commercial.

  • CoolSite