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BBS And End-User Utilities

aDRENALIN_SUPPORT File echo Processor
aFTNGED Golded Editor
aDV_FTNSOFT Advanced FTN Software and Utilities
aFTNBINKD BinkD Mailer and Utilities
aFTNBLN nodelist browser
aFTNNICE Nice Tosser by Robert Agababyan
aFTNMISC Miscellaneous Fidonet Utilities from R50, Moscow
ARGUS_UTIL Argus FTN 3rd Party Supported Software
BBBSUTIL BBBS Related Utilities
brake! BRAKE! mailer &Utilities
CH-WARE Freeware/open-source BBS doors,Utils
COORDUTL Fidonet Coordinator Tools and Utilities
ECF_UTIL Ezycom BBS 3rd party utilities
ftrack Ftrack
FWFONTS OS/2 fonts & font manipulation utility
FWGRAPHX OS/2 graphical items and utilities
FWSYSUTL OS/2 system utilities
FWUTILS OS/2 high-level utilities
HAMANT Antenna design, utilities & programs
HAMLNX LINUX Ham files & Utilities
HAMSAT Satellite Tracking/Locating Utilities
HAMUTIL Misc. Radio Operating Aids & Programs
hUSKY husky tools and programs
KMAILUTL KMail Utilities
MACUTIL Utilities for Mac OSX
MAXUTIL Maximus/Squish Utilities
MYS_Utl1 Mystic BBS v1.X Utilities (external programs)
nAVIGATOR FTN Capable DOS Disk Browser
nFTN NFTN Ftn software for Windows NT
PASTOOLS PASCAL Tool(boxes) and utilities
PERLBIN Binaries for Perl and Perl utilities
regina Regina Tosser
SF-MAIL SF-Mail, Mailer and Utilities
TORNADO Tornado BBS and Utilities
SDSFRONT FrontDoor and Related Utils
STN_ABBS SysOp Tech Net Member Written BBS/Util Releases
STN_DIS SysOp Tech Net Danen Information Services Utility
UTIL*NET EndUser/BBS Utilities for Windows, DOS, OS2 & Linux
uNIXFTN *nix Utilities and bBS Utilities
WIN_UTIL WindowsApplications And Utilities
util A few older Linux Utilities (non distributed)
Mail collected mail utilities (non distributed)
Compress older compression files (non distributed)